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The Top Ten Best Pizza Places in Florence – Summer 2014

Pizza in Florence

If you are visiting Italy this summer, you will probably want to try authentic Italian pizza. Having pizza in the land which gave the world this wonderful circle of joy is an experience not to be missed.

On your Italy trip you may be heading for the fabulously beautiful Italian city of Florence. If you are, you will probably want to know which pizza places you should head for.

Which are the best pizza restaurants in Florence? If you want to know, this list is for you. After the TripAdvisor list, as a bonus you’ll find insider Florence pizza restaurant tips from Italy Chronicles’ contributor Stephen Lusher who lives nearby.

First of all, here are more than 10 places in Florence which pizza fans on TripAdvisor think pizza lovers should visit:

1. The best sit down pizza restaurant in Florence is: I’ PizzacchiereOne of the best pizzas in Italy, definitely best prices”- said a happy fan.

1a. Regarded as the best quick bite pizza place in Florence with its “Delicious pizza” is: Amici di Ponte Vecchio Da Stefano

2. Pizza Man Viale De Amicis – “Most unique pizza experience!” and “Best Pizza I Have Had In 15 Years”.

Pizza Time!

3. Pizzeria Toto – “Great pizza!”.

4. La Bussola – “Terrific pizza”, “Deserving of the accolades!”.

5. Ciro and Sons – “BEST Gluten Free Pizza Ever!!”.

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6. La Divina Pizza – “Amazing Pizza, Great Place”.

7. Mr. Pizza –  A“Great choice for a Pizza” which is “Good value for money” too.

8. Mangia Pizza Firenze – Takeout pizza – “The Perfect Crust”.

9. Focaccine Bondi – “Wow!”, commented one happy customer. “Great food, old school service”, said another.

10. Il Giardino di Barbano – “Great pizza and service”.

Recommendations from the Insider – Stephen Lusher

1. Pizzaiuolo in the San Ambrogio district – excellent pizzas. This pizza restaurant also comes highly recommended by Florence resident Nardia Plumridge of Lost in Florence.

2. The groovy and fun Yellow Bar on Proconsolo between the Duomo and the Bargello is hard to beat.

3. The upmarket Obika – a mozzarella bar which specialises in pizza featuring the mouth watering Campania mozzarella.

There you go, a list of the pizza places in Florence for you to try. Come back and let us know which one was your favorite!

Don’t miss the best pizza places in Rome if you are heading to the Eternal City.

Buon appetito!

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