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Cider in Italy

Cider Comes to Abruzzo

Even though it may seem odd seeing as Italy is a major apple grower and does actually produce cider, the apple based beverage has never

Italy’s Budget Defies Common Sense

Italy’s wild spending 2019 budget proposals became official last night. Today, the fallout. Stocks in Italy’s banks are crashing. Is Italy’s default on the cards? 

Dennis Redmont makes a point with Sergio Marchionne and then Foreign Minister and future Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in Venice two years ago at the Council workshop.

The Marchionne Only a Few Knew

Sergio Marchionne was gruff and he was tough. And he did not suffer fools gladly, including myself, as l worked for him at his private

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I’ve had a visitor from – the site of the Italian Cultural Activity Ministry. And guess what was looked at, albeit very briefly, yep