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Italian Politics – Still a Mess

Here’s a roundup stroke overview of what’s going on in the decidedly odd world of Italian politics. Broadly, there are three political factions in Italy,

Wild Boar Hunting in Italy

Ever thought about wild boar hunting in Italy? Maybe not but perhaps you might like to. Italy has a bit of a problem with wild

Berlusconi Heart

On Thursday in Italy headlines were dominated by the news that Silvio Berlusconi, a former and controversial prime minister, required an urgent heart operation and had

Italy’s Rome Mafia Case

Italy’s capital, Rome, has been run by a mafia-type gang of criminals and politicians for years is what investigations and arrests have been  revealing. Although

Ferrari Gets a New Boss

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is to leave the helm of Italian sports car maker Ferrari in mid-October. Rumours about the change had been flying around

Recent Events and Italy’s Ferguson

Last week was, as usual, rather hectic and peppered with announcements from Italy’s vociferous prime minister. Italy’s Prime Minister is forging ahead with announcements, if

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Ecopass Milan

As you may have read/seen, Milan’s council has introduced its own brand of pollution limitation measure, know as ‘Ecopass’. Basically, to enter the central area