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Atmospherically Foggy Milan

In the past, Milan, where I live, was known for its pea souper fogs. In recent years, however, the fogs have become something of a memory. Well, that was the case until last week which saw this northern Italian city enveloped in a thick blanket of fog.

The fog changed the city’s character adding plenty of atmosphere to enhances it’s plentiful natural beauty. Here’s a photograph I took this week of Via Paolo Sarpi, a street near where I live.

A foggy section of Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan
A foggy section of Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan
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Milan looks lovely in the now all too rare fog and it looks even better when covered by a blanket of snow. Here’s hoping this winter will provide so and give an excuse to go take more photographs.

If you are lucky and you find yourself here to do a little Christmas shopping, you might experience such foggy scenes. By the way, Milan is an excellent place for gift shopping – it has lots of old traditional shops with all sorts of interesting items. You will, for example, find the incredible Cappelleria Melegari hat shop in Via Paolo Sarpi and if you’d like to give someone a hat for Christmas, it’s well worth a visit. Lots of other clothes, gloves and other winter wear there too.

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