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Zapping the mozzies

The mosquitoes are still a pain in the neck, although much less so now than back in June and July.  I hate the little blighters but now I’m able to take my revenge.

I invested the princely sum of 5 Euros in an electronic insect killer which looks a lot like this:

An electronic insect killer
An electronic insect killer
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It’s cool and lethal.  You hit a button on the side to charge it and then hit the bug and if contact is made you see a blue flash and may even hear a satisfying crack!

Even though it is only battery powered it has to handled with a degree of caution.  Our little one shocked himself with it as it seems to hold its charge after the button has been pressed and I zapped my other half’s rear end, unintentionally I might add, and she was not at all happy and the distinct smell of burning did not win me any brownie points either.  Naughty me.  We both laughed about it later on seeing as the whole thing seemed rather comical looking back on it.  I will not, however, be misusing this ‘weapon’ again and it is kept out of reach so that little hands do not get zapped.  It is a great, and effective, way of getting rid of pesky mozzies though – to that I can bear testament!

Bring the little blighters on!!  This device was a great investment!

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