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Tourism Business Grows in Piedmont

One Attraction of Many - the Palace of Venaria Turin

Tourism business in the northern Italian region of Piedmont is on the up and its growing faster than in any other region of Italy according to Unioncamere, Italy’s association of Chambers of Commerce.

Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino is, understandably, very happy. He pointed out that the results achieved illustrate how investment in culture pays.

The Italian region of Piedmont is not without its attractions. There’s Turin itself which Italy Chronicles contributor Lorenza Bacino has written about.

the Palace of Venaria Turin
One Attraction of Many – Palace of Venaria, Turin

Then there’s lovely Lake Maggiore (where you can go up in a bucket), the lesser known, smaller Lake D’Orta is well worth a visit too, as is much of this Italian region. The intriguingly named Bra is another place to add to bucket lists. Chocolate lovers will like Cuneo and truffle aficionados will find Alba’s truffle fair irresistible too.

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As with the whole of Italy, the cuisine and wines are well worth checking out and add even more to the experience of a visit to Piedmont. Lovely cheese can be found in Piedmont.

I’ve been to Turin a couple of times and rate this former capital of Italy very highly indeed. I was more than happy to hear Turin had been inviting journalists and other travel writers to the city to raise its profile and today’s news suggests the initiative is working – this is very good to hear.

What Piedmont should not do is rest on its laurels. Raising the region’s profile needs to be constant. Journalists, bloggers and other travel writers have to be chosen carefully to ensure what is written gets read by as many eyeballs as possible. Eyeballs may well become visitors and that means return on investment.


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Stop reading, start speaking Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.