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The Journalism Talent Contest – Update

Last week I wrote a post about a sort of Journalism Talent Contest which I’m holding here on Blog from Italy.  This initiative is designed to help aspiring Italian journalists gain some exposure and, with a little luck, move on to greater things.  Well, I’m happy to announce that I have now received three applications.

There are still a few things to sort out, but with a little luck, a new face, or new faces, will soon grace the pages of Blog from Italy.  Actually, one applicant is not Italian!  I would like more Italians, which is why I’m writing this brief update.

I’m pretty confident that there is some hidden talent out there, and I hope it will drift in this direction.  If you, dear reader, have any friends who are Italian and who can write well in English, please give them a gentle nudge in this direction.  I know Blog from Italy is not the Associated Press, the BBC, Time magazine, or The Guardian, but the internet is a very public medium which certainly has the power to help reveal hidden talent.  And people from the aforementioned publications have been known to pay a visit or two to this here blog.

Remember too, that the nice people from GlobalPost may also offer budding journalists and opportunity to write for them.

Would you like to help out too?  Well, if you would, read on.

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Help Spread the Word!

Spread the word, or, if you like, sponsor someone (contact me to find out how).  As an alternative, note that if you purchase items from Amazon.com through BlogfromItaly.com, this site will receive some commission:

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I know times are hard, and they are really tough for young Italians at the moment, believe me, so any help you might be able to give will be greatly appreciated.

If enough is raised, I’ll turn Blog from Italy into a ‘real’ publication, pay people to write, and this will help Italians qualify as fully blown journalists in Italy.  It’s only a small contribution, I know, but if it helps even one or two people on to better things, I’ll be very happy, and if you’ve contributed to this, you can feel very happy too.  Let’s uncover some hidden talent together!

Thanks for reading.  An update on the new additions to Blog from Italy will follow in the next few days.

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