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A Portable USB Charger – Just the thing for Your Trip to Italy

Having had problems myself, I can see that this Sony USB Portable Charger could prove very useful travel gadget for you on your trip to Italy.

It can charge iPhones, iPads, and other tablets, plus recent model Blackberry and Android mobile phones too.

This portable charger is not expensive either.

Sony CP-ELS USB Portable Charger
A Sony CP-ELS USB Portable Charger

The compact Sony USB charger will charge the batteries of many smartphones, portable games, digital cameras, MP3 players and more, if they come with a USB type charging cable, as more and more devices do these days.

More often than not in Italy, travel information is not easy to find unless you hop onto the internet (ensure you have a reasonably priced internet plan) or connect to the www via a wifi hotspot to, perhaps, check what Twitter has to say on your travel hassle. The trouble is, today’s smart phones, versatile as they are, don’t often have batteries which can make it through the day.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Here are a few other occasions when having one of these USA charger gadgets may well prove very handy on a trip to Italy, or anywhere else that matter:

  • You’ve been out and about exploring the sights of Rome, taking lots of photos with your mobile and sending them to friends back home. You notice your mobile battery is just about flat. Oh dear. Time for a trip back to your hotel to re-charge your phone instead of staying out late and enjoying a meal in that nice looking restaurant you spotted earlier in the day. With this Sony charger you can still visit that tempting Rome restaurant!
Roaming Rome Drains Mobile Phone Batteries
Roaming Rome Drains Mobile Phone Batteries
  • You’ve spent the day marveling at the ruins of Pompeii, photographing everything with your phone’s camera and running down the battery. You came by train from Naples and the train has no charging points and you need to call your hotel to tell them you’ll be back late so they won’t lock you out. Once again, this Sony USB charger could save the day!
  • You are on a regional train in Italy and it stops in the middle of nowhere. Other passengers tell you there’s going to be a 4 hour delay and your smart phone battery is already on the low side – this happened to me. Your mobile phone needs needs power, but the train does not have power points. Problem – but not if you have a Sony portable USB charger.
  • After doing business in Milan you notice your smartphone battery is getting too low for comfort and you are expecting an important deal-clinching phone call or email. No power points are nearby. Panic time! But not if you have one of these useful little Sony chargers.

I’m sure you can think of other situations in which being able to charge your phone on the go would be very handy. Parents might like to invest in one of these for their offspring who are coming over to visit or study in Italy this summer.

Here’s where you can get one, or perhaps too: Sony CP-ELS USB Portable Charger with 2,000 mAh Li-Ion Battery there’s also a family-size 4,000 mAh version too on Amazon.com

UK based visitors can find the same charger on Amazon.co.uk: Sony CP-ELS Universal Charger for Smartphones

If you come to Italy without one of these useful little portable USB chargers – you can find them in electronic stores here.

PS Don’t forget to charge up your charger before going out sight seeing 😉

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