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Are Real Electoral Reforms on the Cards for Italy?

Finally, after much goading by Italy’s President Napolitiano, Italy’s politicians are drifting in the direction of reforms to Italy’s decidedly dodgy electoral system which allowed former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to place senior members of his legal team on parliamentary seats.

In addition to putting his lawyers in Italy’s parliament, Berlsuconi also ensured one Nicole Minetti, ex-dental hygienist and prime mover in the organisation of the infamous bunga bunga soirées, ended up with a seat in the regional government the Lombardy region of Italy.

Such is Italy’s political system.  Flutter your eyelids at the right people, and you end up as a politician with lots of benefits and a very generous level of pay.

There are other examples of Berlusconi’s babes being placed in cushy positions, but won’t mention them here, unless some one asks me to, in which case I’ll dig up an interesting article on the subject.

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Berlusconi’s shenanigans are reason enough to sort out Italy’s electoral system.

The slight fly in the ointment, or should that be whale, is that those who are supposed to be reforming Italy’s odd electoral system are the ones who benefited from it the most.



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