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The Future is Young, and it is Bright

While mud is being slung around by Italy’s power hungry politicians, and the country is being done down by those from abroad, in another trend bucking post, I want to focus once more on a positive side to this berated land.

That something represents the future of this place, and, from what I’ve been seeing over the years as a result of my work with one of Italy’s largest business schools, that something potentially puts quite a shine on how Italy could be in a few years from now.

Ok, ok, I imagine that you want to know just what that something is.  So here is the answer: The country’s youth.

Working where I do, I get to see plenty of up and coming stars, and I have quite a plethora of success stories to tell, and those are only about the people I’ve managed to remain in touch with.  From what I’ve seen there is a heck of a lot of potential, and, if exploited properly, Italy could really benefit from this sea of talent.  These kids are a nice bunch too.

Yes, I know that many of those I see come from quite well heeled families, but not all do.  Some come from rather more humble beginnings.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

What a difference in attitude from the UK, where there are still quite a number of heads of families who are anti-education.  The ‘I was a factory worker, so you will be a factory worker’ mentality.

In Italy the attitude is much more ‘I was a factory worker, but you can become a doctor, a lawyer – and I’ll be proud of you’.  This alone, gives Italy plenty of hope for the future.

I think Italy must be quite full of proud parents, in fact it could quite possibly possess some of the proudest parents on earth.

Give these youngsters enough room and they will sort this old country out.

Young new faces are, quite literally, all that the Living Museum needs.

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