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The differences between girls and boys.

Until I actually became a father, I sort of believed that boys and girls started off the same. What I mean is that I believed that girls were encouraged to play with toys aimed at their sex and boys, likewise, played with toys that were intended to turn them into, well, boys. You probably think I am daft, and you, dear reader, probably knew this all along, but I didn't, not really. The fact that I'd never really given it a thought until I had a child, is about the only excuse I can offer for my ignorance. I apologise for this.

Anyway, boys, it seems, do seem to like playing with toy cars and soldiers, and find running around shooting things good fun. Not that much different to the adults they eventually grown into, in actual fact. Little girls, on the other hand, seem to prefer pretty clothes, imitations of baby humans, jewelry and other feminine objects and pursuits. I would also mention that despite having been encouraged to play with boys' toys, my son's little cousin has resolutely stuck to activities and items which are more suited to girls. Like our son's cousin's mother, I too rather believed that the role of the sexes was more a result of conditioning, and thus not necessarily related to our biological and physiological make up.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I was wrong.

I think I'm a little slow on occasion. No, maybe it's just that I am a little slow. Full stop.

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