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The demagogue versus the demagogic oligarchy

Corpodibacco thinks Grillo is a demagogue. And I agree, but then he is challenging a group of oligarchic demagogues, so the ‘fighting fire with fire’ approach is possibly necessary. What is even more interesting to this, almost, casual observer, is that the politicos in Italy are mentioning dictatorships, and so did Corpodibacco.

These references to dictatorships hark back to the days of Mussolini, and what the politicians are doing is trying to instill fear into the hearts of Italians. The fear that this country is, once again, moving down the route to despotism. Now this is funny, coming from oligarchs, and I am sure Grillo must be laughing, if somewhat hollowly, at these odd claims. But it is to be expected, after all, if someone appears to be telling you that your nice comfy position is about to be terminated, you too would try just about anything to hang on in there.

In this desperate attempt to keep their jobs, we are seeing something interesting about Italian society, and that is this fear of dictators, and the worry that a new Mussolini could erupt onto the Italian scene. This is why Italy, even now, maintains two police forces. Italians believe that this reduces the possibility of a coup. The politicians, as usual, are showing just how much they are out of touch with the Italian people. Italians know that Mussolini was bad for the country, well, most of them do. And I do really believe that if they even scented for one moment that Grillo could become Grissolini, they would not be paying him any where near as much attention as they are doing now. However, the situation at the top here is so bad, that it would appear that the oligarchs fear that the situation in this country is ripe for the emergence of a new dictator.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Odd, very odd, for someone, like me, who comes from a country that has avoided dictatorial rule, unlike France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

So will Italy become a despotic regime? No, I don’t really think so, but, you never really know.

Rats, of course, are renown for fighting when they are cornered. And the rats are fighting now. But Grillo is the piper, and, if they are not too careful, these rats will end up drowning. Just like in the fairy tale.

And if the Grillo effect does come to some real good, I hope it spreads beyond the Living Museum. Italy is not the only country where democracy has been eroded by dodgy politicians………….

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