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The curious case of Mr Visco

Mr Visco, who is a deputy economy minister in Prodi’s band of brothers, has got himself into a spot of bother after he tried, apparently, to pressurise the head of the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian financial police, to ‘transfer’ a number of Guardia di Finanza operatives away from Milan.

Now, it just so happens, or so the story goes, that said GdF operatives were working on a couple of cases which involved the business interests (Interpol and Coop) of some of those politicians who have joined together with Prodi to form his rag-tag coalition government.

Of course, noises are being made along the lines that Mr Visco was trying to ‘transfer’ people away to avoid their getting a little too close to information that might embarrass certain government bigwigs.  Prodi is standing by his man, who he thinks is a jolly good egg.

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The story, which was broken by one of the right leaning newspapers here, Il Giornale, is still brewing.

This story is rather odd, seeing as the Berlusco government was accused of making laws to protect Berlusco and friends’ interests, as it seems to appear that Prodi’s mob have probably been up to the same thing, albeit using a slightly different method.  After all, Prodi’s government seems to have enough problems getting any laws passed, let alone those to keep his friends happy.

Life in the living museum – never a dull day.

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