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Taormina Steps, A Photograph by David Smith

Italy is a very colorful place. You’ll see color everywhere, from pastel pinks and yellows to bright reds and rich greens. Indeed, Italy is a photographers delight, as David Smith well knows.

Here’s one of David’s shots of a lovely set of steps in tantalising Taormina in Sicily. If you really David’s image, you can buy a print, as indeed others have.

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Maybe you could hang it on a wall in your home as a way keeping those memories of that vacation in Sicily fresh. This photograph might even tempt you to pay another visit there.

Photography PrintsIf you haven’t visited Taormina, you might like to think about it. Not only is this seaside town in Sicily charming, it’s got a full calendar of cultural events too. Everything from pop music to classical music. Visit in early August and you may well be greeted by a jazz festival. Then there’s the sea: expect transparent waters and picturesque views. You may even end up rubbing shoulders with a few celebrities. And don’t forget to take a closer look at the rest of Sicily while you are there.

You can see more of David’s colorful photography in his Italian Treasures gallery on Fine Art America.

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