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Submit Your Italy Stories to Italy Chronicles

From today, as well as submitting events to Italy Chronicles for publication, you can also submit articles.

I’ve taken on other work and for now I am unable to dedicate as much time to Italy Chronicles as I did in the past. To help keep Italy Chronicles going, I’ve decided to set up a system to allow others to submit articles about Italy for publication on this site. The system is here: Add Your Story – you can add text and, if you wish, photographs, and an author bio.

If I like what you have written, it will be published and transmitted via Twitter, Facebook and other social media to well over 26,000 followers and fans.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Feel free to add articles about more or less whatever you like – provided there’s a strong Italy theme and that the articles are not thinly disguised attempts to market some product or service. However, you could, for example, tell the world something interesting about the area of Italy in which your bed and breakfast is located and you can link to your bed and breakfast website from the article too.

News items are always welcome – provided they are accurate – adding links to stories in Italy’s press will help.

Over to you. Remember, this is where you can Add Your Story – includes guidelines and writing tips. You will retain copyright to all articles and images.

Note that this service is in a testing phase and that if it is abused, it will end.

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Zucchero – Il Volo

This is a nice melodic track by Italian singer Zucchero. It’s called ‘Il Volo’ – The Flight. YouTube recommended it to me, and so I thought you might like to have a listen.

Alitalia the Zombie Airline

A bit like some recalcitrant zombie, Alitalia just will not lie down and die. The stuttering saga of Italy’s national airline wobbles on, and does not appear to be coming to an end.

Tinned haggis.

A long time ago, I remember shocking Italians by telling them that ravioli, macaroni cheese and spaghetti bolognese


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