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Silvio Must Be Fuming!

Mr B, Italy’s charismatic prime minister is probably not a very happy chappy.  A recent article in Italian news magazine L’Espresso concerned, amongst other things, telephone conversations which took place between Italy’s current prime minister and a RAI TV executive last year.

Apparently, these conversations involve, it is alleged, Berlusconi, who wanted to help out some of his TV friends, and who, it is claimed, offered to support the business interests of one Agostino Saccà.  Saccà, who is currently under suspension, is/was RAI’s head of fiction.

In another tapped conversation with one Giancarlo Innocenzi, a member of Italy’s Communications Regulatory Authority (Agcom), was overhead chatting with Berlusco about valuable contracts for certain Mediaset producers. As the Italian newspapers are pointing out, this would appear to indicate that Mr B has not, as he has himself claimed, taken a back seat with regard to the management of his very own Mediset TV empire.

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Wait for fresh allegations of confilicts of linterest to be levelled at Italy’s current head of parliament.

Around 9,000 (yes, nine thousand) calls have been deposited with the authorities in Naples who are investigating further allegations of corruption against good old Silvio.

Despite Berlusco’s attempts to whizz through anti-telephone tapping legislation, he does not appear to have moved fast enough to have blocked the recent publication of transcripts.  Berlusconi’s lawyer is also unhappy and making noises to the effect that this current episode clearly justifies the anti-telephone tapping legislation proposals.

One thing, OK, two things, are clear, either Berlusconi never bought one of these, or, he did, but they don’t work!

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