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Sigh of Relief

Our little one went in for an operation today.  The op was to have a cyst like thing removed from the sinus area between his nose and eye.

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and good Italian doctors, the keyhole surgery seems to have been a success.

I know its early days, but the signs are good.

The cyst was drained and only mucous found inside.  And, just for good measure, while the surgeon was doing his thing with an endoscope and fibre optic, he widened the slightly malformed area of my son’s ethmoid sinus region.  This should mean that the problem area should no longer be a problem.  Bye bye orbital cellulitis.  Fingers crossed.

We were up before the crack of dawn this morning, and the operation started at around 9am.  It was over at about 11.30 or so, and then little one whimpered himself to sleep, only to wake up at around 4.30pm.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Soft cold food is permitted for the moment, and the ice cream he was fed after he woke up went done very well, in every sense.

Even this evening our 5 year old earthquake was OK, if still rather woozy, but then the effects of the anaesthetic take a while to wear off.

Still, it’s been a traumatic day for his parents.

The hospital staff – Mangiagalli hospital here in Milan were, and are, fabulous.  Big thanks to them all.

The wee one should be out of hospital within the next two days or so – as long as things continue to go well.

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