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Segway Garda Lake

A friend of ours, Cristina Triola, recently came back from a trip to lovely Lake Garda, and she brought me a flyer for a curious looking and highly original way of getting around one of Italy’s great lakes.

Segway in Italy
Segways in Italy

How about a tour around the lake, well parts of it anyway, on one of those quaint Segway devices?  Sounds like fun!

Can you remember just what these things are?  If not, the picture on the left will help stimulate your memory.

Is it just me that thinks Segways seem to have virtually disappeared off the face of the earth.  I’m beginning to think this may be the case – that it is just me, not that Segways have disappeared.

In fact, I suspect Segways are slowly, and ever so silently, invading the world!  Well, the environs of Lake Garda.  Not a bad place to start that world domination campaign, though.

Enough silliness.  Read on for more on Segway tours – and you too may become converted to the Seg-way.

Segway Sight Seeing

Segways Near Lake Garda, Italy
Segways Near Lake Garda, Italy

For those who would like to benefit from a little local knowledge, several guided Segway tours are available too.  The cost for these tours starts at 15 Euros per person.  Group sizes range from a minimum of two to a maximum of four people, by the way.

You do need to be over 16, and to weigh between 100 pounds (45 kilos) and 250 pounds (113 kilos) to be eligible for these novel tours.

Guided Segway city tours are also available upon request.

A Segway Day

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

You can hire a Segway for a day for 80 Euros, should this appeal.

Seeking the Segway

Segway's in Milan
Segways in Milan

Should you wish to know more about this slightly wierd way of exploring Lake Garda and elsewhere, then wheel yourself over to www.segwaygarda.it for more information.

If you have ever wondered just what happened to all those Segway things, well, now you know.  Some of them are in active retirement on the shores of Lake Garda!

Joking apart, Segway Garda also sell Segways, both new and second-hand.

Will we one day see the resurgence of the Segway?  Possibly, but the prices of these novel means of transport will have to drop a little first, I suspect.

Funnily enough I regularly see a guy in my area of Milan on a Segway.  He seems to use the thing to get to work.

More on Segways can be found on Segway.com

With thanks to Cristina Triola for putting me on to this!  Cristina is also a fellow, but professional blogger, who runs Europ Assistance Italy’s – Il blog, as well as dabbling in things like marketing for the same company.

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