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Sausages, again

Sorry to go banging on about this, but my life seems to be being taken over by the things these days. And the first problem has arisen, thus putting my sausage strategy skills to the test a wee bit.

It had to happen I suppose, after all, that’s business. My sausage supply has gone from sizzling to fizzling out. My friendly local butcher is too tied up with preparing Christmasy stuff to be able to make a few kilos of bangers, and he has lost his main sausage maker. This means that sausage style Christmas prezzies are most probably off the agenda. Shame.

On the bright side, Gaetano, my associate sausage development manager, let’s call him, has most probably set up a meeting tomorrow on the sausage front. I shall be interested to see what comes of it, although I shall keep mum until something really starts cooking. I expect to be grilled about several things, so I’d better be well prepared.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Oops, is that the time. I’ve got to get ready to go. My core business calls. Must go teach lawyers how to use a bit of the old Queen’s English, in the hope of bettering their chances of finding a decent job after their course.

From bangers to lawyers. Isn’t life bizarre at times?

Another madcap scheme of mine will be coming your way soon.  I sure you’ll have trouble holding your breath. Not.

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