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Salone Del Mobile 2012 – Here I come!

While Italy Chronicles’ Italian design writer, and designer, Paolo Feroleto has visited Milan’s Il Salone Del Mobile design fair more than a few times and keeps a close eye on the event, I haven’t.  This is a little embarrassing seeing as I live in Milan, and the Salone Del Mobile is an event which creates quite a buzz in this northern Italian city.

Some might even claim that Milan is the design capital of the world, and Paolo may well agree with this too.  Anyone who has spent any time in Italy will know Italians love looking stylish and if you’ve been lucky enough to have visited a few Italian homes, you may well have come across some very stylish interiors.

Eye-Catching Kitchens and Bathrooms

Italian kitchens and bathrooms tend to be eye-catching.  Both living rooms and, if you get to see them, bedrooms can look very sophisticated.  Italian ceramic tiles enhance the appearance Italy’s bathrooms even more.  Shops selling chic looking kitchens, bathrooms, and tiles, abound in Milan, and then there are all the other shops which sell accessories which are, excuse the pun, clearly designed to compliment bathrooms and kitchens.  Living rooms and bedrooms are not forgotten.

Stunning looking beds, add to the tailored look of the rooms in which Italians pass their nights.  And in living rooms, you’ll find impressive looking sofas and chairs.

Italians are also into cool looking lighting, whether table lamps, floor standing lamps or wall and ceiling lights, all can look stunning.  In my apartment in Milan we have a rather cool looking art-deco style bathroom, er, chandelier.  There’s another mini-chandelier in a corridor too.  Both were chosen by my Italian other half.

A designer light - by KMECopper

Some of our friends’ apartments here in Milan are extremely well fitted out, although from the facades of the apartment buildings, you would never know just what is hidden within their walls.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It is not only Italy’s houses which are stylish, offices and shops, some, not all, can be exceptionally chic too.

Design is Everywhere

Basically, design is everywhere and Italians do seem to be rather good at it too.  Milan does seem to be the hub in which most of Italy’s design creativity takes place, even if not all the designers who work in Milan are from the city.

It really is no surprise that Milan has its Salone Del Mobile design and furnishings fair, and nor is it much of a surprise that this annual event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

My Designer Guide

Not being a designer myself, I do not know that much about the subject, although I know a little more now, thanks to Paolo Feroleto’s design articles.  He’ll make an interesting guide, I’m sure.  I also understand Paolo is, like me, not averse to a drop or two of good Italian wine.  Wine and design – just two of many things Italy is exceptionally good at.

If you are in Milan this weekend and want to check out the Salone Del Mobile and the design fair fringe – the Fuorisalone, try this website which has a map showing what is going on where in Milan: Fuorisalone

What have you got designs on doing this weekend?

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