The ruins of Pompeii really have to be experienced to be believed.  I have been to Pompeii, and would love to return, but if I did, I’d take some toilet paper!

Pompeii is only a short train ride away from Rome, and is well worth a visit.  You can easily while away a whole day there too.  If you are vacationing on the Amalfi coastline, or staying in Naples, Pompeii is very easy to reach.

Photos and videos cannot do the site justice, but this short presentation may just serve to whet your appetite.


Pompeii is Hot and the Loos May Be Horrible

Pompeii's Last Day
Pompeii's Last Day

A word of warning though.  This archeological site is huge and can become very hot in mid-summer.  Take plenty of water, and stop frequently.  Wearing a hat is advisable too, as shade is not always easy to come by.

A good guide book will help ensure that you don’t miss a thing either.  Try thus guide book: Pompeii: White Star Guides – Archaeology which can be ordered from Amazon.com.

Finally, when I was there, a good few years ago around 2000, the toilet facilities were rather sub-standard.  Taking some toilet paper may not be such a bad idea.

Still, don’t miss Pompeii!  Visiting the site is something I am really happy to have done.  Indeed, it was the happy memories which prompted me to write something about this wonder of the world.

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