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Old Tricks

Berlusconi is up to his old tricks once more, and the stability of the current Italian government means he can do just about what he likes.

In his latest ‘furbo‘ move, and on the pretext of reducing the admittedly snails pace sloth of the Italian courts, the Berlusconi government is trying to introduce a piece of legislation, mixed in with new public order laws, that will put a temporary hold on certain long running trials. Read more about this on the BBC’s website – Italian PM defends trials freeze.

Now, it just so happens that one of these long running trials involves the B man himself. What a coincidence! I’m sure he never thought of that. Er, not.

When it was put to the tanned one that this amendment appeared to be covering his own back, the usual accusations were throw at his accusers, in that he claimed that he has to do something to protect himself from those nasty commie magistrates who have been gunning for him for such a long time. Its tough being a billionaire in Italy.

All the twists and contorted turns going on in the Living Museum at the moment are likely to produce some topsy turvy results.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

On one hand, those caught mugging grannies or pinching car radios are likely end up being shot by some over enthusiastic Italian grunt put on the streets to maintain the peace by Italy’s defence minister. Whereas, on the other hand, those involved in white collar skulduggery will probably be encouraged to continue their dodgy dealings on the grounds that the long arm of Italian law is being trimmed to such an extent that it will shortly be unable to reach out and poke them.

There is also talk of resurrecting a proposed law that will grant immunity from prosecution to those who hold high public office in Italy. More back protecting?

All the above hints that Italy may well become something of a haven for white collar crime.

Do your dodgy dealings in Italy, stash the cash in the Cayman Islands, and then soak up the sun on your mega yacht in the seas around Bermuda.

Could be an idea for the promotion of a new form of tourism in Italy, could it not?! I can see the ads now: “Come to sunny Italy. Enjoy the food, the wine and the opportunities for benefiting from illicit business practices.” You can even set up those interesting deals via your trusty mobile phone, for in Italy, soon nobody will be allowed to listen in.

By gum, Italy is a fun place.

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