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Meet Vincenzo Vasi, Italy’s Mad Professor of Music

Player of many instruments, composer, improviser, and regular on Italian and international jazz circuits, the eccentric looks of Vincenzo Vasi compliment his eclectic music surprisingly well.

Around since 1990, Vasi seems to have worked with just about everyone and reminds me a little of Pete Gabriel, or perhaps Tubular Bells legend, Mike Oldfield. Vasi regularly delves into the world of electro-pop, such is his versatility. His work has appeared on numerous CDs.

As with his music, Vasi’s looks also seem to have evolved over the years, as you can see from the photos here: Vincenzo Vasi evolution. You’ll also note from videos of Vasi at play, so to speak, how much Vasi’s look has changed.

Vasi would probably accept to being referred to as part musician, part artist, as he is someone who paints with music. Artistic installations have benefited from his participation.

Here’s Vasi’s suitably surreal Electric Arm piece:

Braccio Electrico by Vincenzo Vasi


The instrument Vasi uses is a Theremin. A what?! Though it may be hard to believe, the Theremin dates back to 1928. More Theremin information can be found on Wikipedia.

Here’s a little more of Vasi doing his Theremin thing:

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To round off this venture into the wonderful world of Italy’s mad music professor, here’s this piece:

Il Magnetofono – feat. Vincenzo Vasi. Tip tap!


You can hear that Theremin quite clearly. It’s a fun piece though, at least that’s what I think.

With thanks to Italian jazz singer Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke for getting in touch and drawing my attention to Vasi and his work.

By the way, I don’t think Vasi is a professor, nor, I believe, is he mad. He is fun though – like his music.

If you like what Vasi does, keep an eye out for his name both in Italy and further afield, then let your ears do the walking. Walking ears? Now that would be surreal!

Vincenzo Vasi's Braccio Elettrico Album
Vincenzo Vasi’s Braccio Elettrico Album

Vasi’s Braccio Electrico album can be found here

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