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Clemente – Authentic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

clemente olive oil

Italian olive oil producer Olearia Clemente has been around since 1895. Based near Manfredonia in the Paglicci area of Italy’s Puglia region, this Italian company’s olive oils and other products have been certified as being 100% made in Italy by the ITPI.

Clemente sources its olives from 800 or so olive producers in the Gargano area of Puglia, so the company helps support agriculture in the area in which it works. By purchasing Clemente’s products, you are not only keeping Clemente’s employees in jobs, but you are also helping keep olive growers in business. And, you are helping preserve the lovely landscapes of Puglia.

The prices of Clemente’s extra virgin olive oils in its online shop are not high and a pack of six 750ml bottles works out at around €9 a bottle – to which the cost of shipping may need to be added. Clemente states that all its products are shipped free – but it’s not clear from the website whether this means shipping is free to anywhere in the world.

clemente olive oil
Clemente olive oil – Certified 100% Made in Italy
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As well as offering its locally produced oils and other products, such as rocket pesto, directly to consumers, Clemente is also happy to export its oils around the world, and does so.

Website: Olearia Clemente

This Italian olive oil producer qualifies as a Good Italian Thing.

P.S. Italy Chronicles is not linked to Clemente in any way.

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