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Salvo Spagna Believes in Italy

Salvo Spagna, who I’m lucky enough to have as one of my clients, is an Italian who is clearly aware of all that Italy has to offer – he really does believe in Italy.

Spagna knows that Italian goods, from fashion to food, wine and furnishings, are fabulous.  Indeed, he has built a highly successful business helping supply the world with Italian luxury goods.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of Italian brands, the luxury market wordwide and the way Italy works, Salvo Spagna helps businesses all over the world sell Italian goods successfully and profitably.

In addition to knowing Italy’s big name brands inside out, Spagna also knows businesses in Italy which can be commissioned to produce just about any product Italy makes.

If, for example, a company not in Italy wants to launch their own brand of high quality “Made in Italy” handbags, Salvo Spagna can put that company in touch with the right artigianal maker, a leather specialist in Florence, say.

Major Italian brands often outsource their production to small independent producers which are dotted around Italy.  These producers have a reputation for craftsmanship and quality – the quality which has given Italy a reputation for excellence and created an ever increasing demand for Italy’s products.  Businesses which are not in Italy can take advantage of Italian design and craftsmanship to help them produce items shoppers want.  Here too, Salvo Spagna’s knowledge comes into play, for he can advise on the colors and style of handbags, or whatever which will appeal and, therefore, sell in particular country.


The Chinese Connection

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Recently, Spagna has been working with the Chinese market where demand for Italy’s fine parmigiana cheese is on the increase, as is demand for Italian food in general.  The Chinese, says Spagna, also enjoy Italy’s wines, hams, and high quality olive oils by all accounts.

According to Salvo Spagna, worldwide demand for Italian parmigiana increased by over 20% in 2011.  This is as it should be, for good quality parmigiana is simply delicious.  The same is true of Italy’s wonderful hams.

Salvo Spagna knows, as do I, that Italy produces world beating products.  He also knows that dealing with the Italian market can be hazardous for those not used to the Italian way of doing business.

Unfortunately, many foreign entrepreneurs have been caught out as a result of not being aware of the traps which exist.  Orders worth tens of thousands dollars have been found to contain fake or low quality goods.  Huge sums of money have been lost because pre-shipping checks were not carried out.  And, of course, any entrepreneur who has had his or her fingers burnt in such a way will think twice about having further dealings with Italian companies.  This is a shame, because there are, as Salvo Spagna well knows, plenty of honest companies in Italy who would be more than happy to fulfill export orders.

What Spagna does is to help entrepreneurs find the right Italian companies.  This means more Italian products are exported, and people make money both in Italy and in the countries in which the goods are sold.  If exports increase, more jobs are created, so Italy’s economy benefits too.

Companies thinking of dealing in Italian made luxury goods, but who are uncertain which companies to approach or how to make an initial approach, should give Salvo Spagna a call.  His services do not come cheap, but then real knowledge never does, but you can be certain whatever you pay him you’ll make back three or four times over in profits.

Spagna can also advise on how to set up a store which will gain the approval of big name Italian brands.  Without this approval, certain Italian brands will allow nobody to sell their products.

Brazil, India and China are growing markets for made in Italy luxury goods

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