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Navigli canal Area – Milan’s Restored Darsena

The Darsena of Milan, formerly the hub of Milan’s navigli canal area and once the city’s canal port, has recently been given a complete facelift.

Situated in Milan’s navigli canal area, the former port has been transformed from something of an eyesore into an additional attraction for this area of Milan famous for its nightlife, and mosquitoes.

I paid a visit today and was impressed by the result, as were many others – this area of Milan was teeming with people.

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Here’s what the new navigli canal area’s restored Darsena looks like today:

Milan's New Darsena water feature
Milan’s New Darsena water feature

And here’s another view:

Another View of the Darsena in Milan, Italy
Another View of the Darsena in Milan, Italy

Believe me, it is much better than before.

With the attractive navigli canal area, an ever increasing number of pedestrian zones, cheap bicycle hire and even electric vehicles on offer, Milan is becoming ever greener and continues to attract more visitors. Mayor of Milan Pisapia seems to be doing quite a good job, I’d say.

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