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Luck of the Italians

We sometimes say, in English, that someone has the 'luck of the Irish' for some obscure reason. Well, I move that this antiquated saying be updated to 'luck of the Italians'. Why? Well, little did they all realise, but this country of phenomenal beauty, pizza and pasta is in the safe hands of a leader who combines the best aspects of Napoleon, Winston Churchill and Jesus in one smiling happy super person, but who, unlike the aforementioned, and to the eternal fortune of those who reside here, is still on this earth.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It was great to hear that a person of such extreme modesty is in charge and that this exceptional individual is so, well, exceptional. I mean he must be, he says so himself. This is a man of such extreme genius that he has within his government, a certain minister, who is charged with dealing with reforms or some such nominal role, and who, this minister, wore a nice new tee-shirt displaying the very toons which seem to be causing death and destruction around the world at the moment. Very obviously a man (the bloke with the toons on his t-shirt) of extreme tact and sensibility, if ever there was one. Nice move, sir. I shall be oh-so-happy when I'm caught in the blast of some suicide bomber detonating him/herself for the cause on the Milan metro.

My thanks go out to the genius at the top for happening to have appointed such top quality, high calibre staff.

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