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Lords of London – A Gritty Gangster Movie Shot in Italy

Glen Murphy - Star of Lords of London

Lords of London is a gangster thriller partly set in Abruzzo in Italy. Italy Chronicles’ writer, Denise Muir who drew the film to my attention, tells me that some of the scenes were shot in the tiny Abruzzo town of Palombaro.

The film, originally entitled Lost in Italy, stars Ray Winstone, Glen Murphy and Italian actor and it’ll be available from Amazon and Sainsburys from January 6th 2014.

I noticed from Wikipedia that Glen Murphy, the producer and star of Lords of London speaks Italian. What is his Italian connection, I wondered. To find out, I fired off an email to Mr Murphy who duly replied. Murphy told me that his grandmother on his mother’s side was Italian. The idea for Lords of London came to Murphy when he was spending some time at his house in Abruzzo. One sunny afternoon, he thought that Abruzzo today feels as if it is still in the 1950s and that it would make an ideal location for a film set in the same period. The timelessness of Abruzzo provided Murphy with creative inspiration. In fact, Lords of London is set in the 1950s.

Early signs are promising. According to director and writer Antonio Simoncini, Lords of London was well received at Cannes and it has already picked up a couple of awards too: Winner of the New York, Hells Kitchen, Film Festival World Cinema, Best Film Award and it won the “best film” award at the Abruzzo film Festival in Italy.

Lords of London
Coming soon: Lords of London
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Here’s a Lost in Italy, now, Lords of London trailer:

Lost In Italy (2012) Official Trailer from Dan Allen on Vimeo.

Glen Murphy - left with Giovanni Capalbo
Glen Murphy – left with Giovanni Capalbo on the Lords of London set

Another Lords of London trailer can be seen on the Spotlight Pictures website.

From what I’ve seen so far, I’d be very interested to see the whole film and I wonder whether it could end up being a cult hit in 2014. We’ll see.

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