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La Dolce Vita Show in London

For lovers of all things Italian, and there is lots to love about Italy, even if the country does have a few dark sides, the La Dolce Vita show in London is an event not to be missed.  The next La Dolce Vita show is scheduled for the 10th the 13th March 2011.  Note that date in your diaries.

The 2010 edition of the La Dolce Vita show attracted more than 17,000 people to London’s Business Design Centre in Islington.  The show has now been held five times.

Over on the show’s website, there are plenty of photographs and videos to give one a flavour of past La Dolce Vita events, and below you will find a video of the 2009 show; the 2010 video does not seem to be up and running yet; plus lots of photos of the event by Italian photographer, Enzo Cerri.

On to the video.



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Stop reading, start speaking

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And here are plenty of photographs by Enzo Cerri for you to look at, plus a link to where you can see the photos, if you cannot see them below: La Dolce Vita Show Photos

I’m always pleased to see Italy doing itself some justice, and wish more of the positive aspects of the country would make it onto the world wide web, and into print. From the comments on the site; a shame there are not a few more, but people in the video liked what they saw; the show was a good place for Italophiles to be, or even for people who have not yet visited Italy, but are thinking about it.

The show also helps to generate business for Italian companies, which in the midst of nasty periods like global economic crises, is a very worthwhile endeavour.  Full marks to the Italian region of Calabria for having been one of the La Dolce Vita show’s partners.

For more information on the La Dolce Vita show in London, you can visit the show’s official website: La Dolce Vita

Twitter lovers, which includes me, might like to know that the La Dolce Vita show is here on Twitter: LaDolceVita on Twitter.

La Dolce Vita also has a channel on YouTube where you can see more videos of past shows: La Dolce Vita Show on YouTube.

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