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Just back from the pub

Yep, I’ve just wandered in from 4 4 2, which has become my local.

Many Englishmen like to have a local, including me. Only, I never really expected to find one in Milan. It has to be said that dear old Milan is not the most English place on the planet. Just as well really, seeing as I left the UK to see how well an Englishman good get on without being in England. The answer is: pretty well.

However, I do have to admit that I really like good old English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh style pubs. They are unassuming relaxed places where you can unwind. Four Four Two in Milan is about the closest I have found to a good real English etc pub. And it is within easy hobbling distance of my current house in Milan. What more could an Englishman in Milan want?

The guys, and girl, who run the place, Alessandro, Maurizio and Verdiana, plus the guy who does the food and the mysterious non-smoker, are good people, and they happen to speak my lingo – which may be useful for those who have not yet got a handle on Italian.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I took a few photos this evening, and nobody moaned. Once I’ve sorted out those I like, I’ll add them to my original post about this place.

Tonight I was recognized as the bloke who had blogged about the Four Four Two, which was a nice surprise. I also chatted to a guy, Mauro, (Sorry if I got your name wrong) who is an ex-LSE master student and who is a journalist who writes about foreign politicts for the ‘La Riformista’ Italian newspaper.

Good place Four Four Two, run by interesting people, and you can meet interesting people there too.

Sorry if I’ve waffled on a bit, but I’m suffering from Beamish and Bulldog.

Good Friday night, here in humid Milan.

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