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Jazz Festivals in Italy 2013

Lots of Jazz in Italy

Italy has jazz in its blood, and there are no shortage of jazz festivals in Italy for jazz fans either, as you will discover from this list of what’s coming up, or on now, plus what to keep an eye out for next year.

There are jazz festivals pretty much all year round in Italy, although it is in the months June, July and August when Italy’s jazz festival season is in full swing.

You’ll find Italy’s warm summer evenings ideal for catching acts outdoors, though indoor shows could be on the hot and sweaty side.

Book accommodation in good time or else there may not be much accommodation left to book. While you are here, don’t forget to sample Italian cuisine, wine, and Italian beer too.

If you play an instrument, you might like to bring it along as some of the events include workshops.

The Jazz Italia website also has lots of details of jazz events in Italy.

Jazz Festivals in Italy in 2014

Note that very few of the Festivals listed below have fixed dates for 2014. You can assume that the festivals will be held around the same dates in 2014 as they were in 2013 – but be sure to check before making travel arrangements. Once dates become clearer, a new list will be published and a link to the new list will appear here.

A list of Jazz Festivals all over Italy

Click on the name of the festival to go to the festival website.

If there’s a jazz festival which is not on this list and you think it should be, let us know via a comment and supply a link too.

Here’s a list of jazz festivals which have already ended for 2013, but should take place in 2014 or 2015.

Jazz festivals in Italy next year and beyond:

Umbria Jazz Winter
When: December – January
Location: Orvieto, Italy

Siena Guitar Festival
When: January
Location: Siena, Italy

Jazz Wide Young
When: January- April
Location: Pisa, Italy

When: February – May
Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Giotto Jazz Festival
When: March
Location: Florence, Italy

Bia’ Jazz Festival
When: March
Location: Abbiategrasso, Italy

Jazzflirt Festival
When: March 3–24, 2013
Location: Formia, Italy

Dolomiti Ski Jazz
When: March
Location: Cavalese, Castello, Tesero, Predazzo, Ziano, Moena, Italy

When: March
Location: Fiesso d’Artico, Italy

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Bergamo Jazz
When: March
Location: Bergamo, Italy

Open Jazz Festival
When: March
Location: Ivrea and Canavese, Italy

Tuscia in Jazz Spring Festival
When: March – April
Location: Ronciglione, Italy

Mantova Jazz
When: April
Location: Mantova, Italy

Piano Jazz
When: April – May
Location: Pordenone, Italy

Itinerari Jazz
When: April – May
Location: Trento, Italy

Forma e Poesia nel Jazz
When: April – June
Location: Cagliari, Italy

La Fabbrica del Jazz
Dates: April
Location: Schio, Italy

Torino Jazz Festival
When: April – May
Location: Turin, Italy

Ravenna Jazz
When: May
Location: Ravenna, Italy

Lana Meets Jazz
When: May
Location: Lana, Italy

Vicenza Jazz Festival
New Conversations
When: May 10–18, 2013
Location: Vicenza, Italy

Correggio Jazz
When: May
Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Young Jazz Festival
When: May
Location: Foligno, Italy

Ah-Um Milano Jazz Festival
When: May
Location: Milan, Italy

Zola Jazz’n Wine
Bla Bla Jazz
When: May– July
Location: Bologna, Italy

Novara Jazz
When: May – June
Location: Novara, Italy

Semiana Jazz
When: May – June
Location: Semiana, Italy

Remember to let us know via a comment if there’s a jazz festival in Italy we’ve missed! Thanks.

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