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Italy Doesn’t Give a Damn about Tourists

Things are boiling away over in the comments on my post on Speeding and other traffic fines in Italy as a result of yet more motorists being caught out by the Pisa ZTL honey trap.

The Guardian online has also written about this issue, and in response to an email I and others sent the newspaper, is looking into the matter.  But Italy does not appear to give a damn.

Worryingly, Italy’s tourist authorities don’t seem to care that many foreign motorists are being fined for a moments inattention to Italy’s diabolically numerous and difficult the understand road signs.  Inattention which is more often than not caused by aggressive and impatient Italian drivers.

Indeed, when one of my readers, Diane, wrote to the Italian tourist board on the Pisa fines issue, she was told point blank that they:

…cannot enter into negotiations with the Muncipality of Pisa.

What a great way of saying thanks to all those tourists who visit Italy and pay for the privilege.  Tourists who provide a huge income for Italy and millions of jobs for Italians.  Talk about sticking two fingers up.  Thanks.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Come to friendly, caring Italy.  Not.

Anyway, many thanks to Diane for trying.

Fortunately, I know many Italians to be decent people, otherwise I would suggest that everyone boycotts Italy as a holiday destination for a year.  It would be interesting to see the effect on Italy’s already fragile ecomony.

Might teach Italy a salutory lesson though.

At times, Italy leaves you without words, well, just about!

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