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Kotipizza Berlusconi

On the eve of the opening of the Rubygate trial, Italy’s politicians seem to be overdosing on insane pills.

This week in Italy we’ve had Lega Nord – the Northern League party proposing regional armies for Italy. Sort of US national guard style, but they would probably become Umberto Bossi‘s private army and be used to repress immigrants and anybody else Bossi takes a dislike to. Non insane pill taking Italian politicians thought the Lega Nord’s proposal was, er, insane.

Next up, three esteemed Italian senators have actually proposed to remove the ban on fascism in Italy! Mussolini the sequel! Hey, while we’re at it, why not clone Hitler?!

Kotipizza Berlusconi
Kotipizza Berlusconi

Perhaps it’s time for the three senators concerned to retire – or else they might actually be arrested and face imprisonment.

Others in Italy seem to have been doing too many insane pills too, as some bright spark has even set up an Abolish the Laws Against Fascism Facebook page! It’s here: ABOLIAMO LA LEGGE CONTRO IL FASCISMO and has the grand total of 104, possibly misguided, members.

Actually, the bright sparks, and the honourable senators, might fall foul of Italy’s anti-fascism law: LEGGE 20 GIUGNO 1952 n. 645, article two of which states that anyone attempting to reconstitute the fascist party will face a term of imprisonment of between 3 and 10 years.

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Meanwhile, Italy’s parliament is frittering away taxpayers money passing the time arguing over passing legislation to keep Silvio Berlusconi out of jail. Images of Nero fiddling spring to mind.

Talking of Italy’s president/prime minister, he promised the immigrant besieged Italian island of Lampedusa a golf course and a casino. Well, Italian political chat show Ballarò did a little investigating.

First of all, there does not seem to be enough water on Lampedusa to maintain the lush greens of a golf course. Then there is the small matter of finding a suitable spot for a golf course – the island is very rocky, so the cost of construction is likely to be phenomenal. Money which may be better spent rebuilding the earthquake damaged city of L’Aquila in Abruzzo – another little problem which Berlusconi has half sorted out.

Now, the proposed Lampedusa casino. Again, according to Ballarò, one needs a special law to build casinos in Italy, and such laws are not readily granted. This is probably a minor obstacle for someone who is allegedly highly adept at persuading Italy’s parliament to create allegedly customised laws though.

Incidentally, neither Berlusconi nor Ruby will be in court in Milan tomorrow at the RubyGate trial – and the hearing will be behind closed doors too. Despite this, all eyes are pointing towards this court case, which for some inexplicable reason has not caused the downfall of Silvio Berlusconi.

What a country! I suppose we could blame the mafia for distributing those insane pills.

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