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Guess Where in Italy? Part 15

Where is this Castle in Italy?

The last Guess Where in Italy? post certainly got quite a few people guessing, with the distorted photograph causing quite a few problems! Well, seeing as I like to keep people guessing, here is Part 15 of this fun quiz to help people get to know Italy.

This has been guessed! See below to find out more.

Italy, even if it does n0t make great play of the fact, has plenty of castles dotted around the country. Some fall into the fairytale category, while others would not look too out of place in the film such as Lord of the Rings or some medieval romp or other.

How well do you know Italy’s castles? Let’s see with this week’s photo manipulated brain teaser!

This week, I’d like to know the name of the castle shown, and where, region and town, in which it is to be found. To make matters a little more interesting, the image has been blurred and tinkered with a little.

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The solution will be given on Wednesday 2 February – Groundhog Day – , if nobody has managed to guess where this castle is in Italy. On to the image.

Can you Guess Where this Castle is in Italy, and what it is called? Guessed by Dan Ciminera – well done Dan! The Castle in the blurry obscured photograph is in Brienza in the Italian region of Basilicata.  The castle in the image is Castello Caracciolo (not to be confused with a castle of the same name in Bari). You will find the original photograph of the castle below.

Where is this Castle in Italy?
Where is this Castle in Italy?
Caracciolo Castle, Brienza, Basilicata, Italy
Caracciolo Castle, Brienza, Basilicata, Italy

This photograph of the Castle is by Getano whose images of Italy can been seen on Getano on Panoramio.


This is a fun quiz and there is no prize, aside from the satisfaction of demonstrating how well you know Italy.

Let the guessing begin! Guesses in a comment, please.

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