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Guess Where in Italy – Part 12

Time for another little Guess Where in Italy? challenge, as I have not run one for a while.  Seeing as summer is just about upon us, and some will be looking for a little vacation inspiration, here’s a picture which might just inspire you to come to Italy this summer.

Italy is absolutely brimming with curious little backwaters, and this is but one enchanting boondocks burg.

Please can any passing Italians wait for two days or so before saying where this is.  The answer is bound to be easy for Italians “in the know”.  Many thanks.

Can You Guess Where this is in Italy?

I’d like the name of the place, and the Italian region in which it can be found.  If you would like to know about the latest “guesses”, then why not could subscribe to this RSS feed which will keep you up-to-date: Guess Where in Italy Part 12 Comments

Guess Where This Timeless Place is in Italy
Guess Where This Timeless Place is in Italy

I guess the name of the photographer might conceivably give the game away.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

By the way, many thanks to romance and fantasy author, and Italophile, Denyse Bridger for having kindly provided me with the photograph, and for having obtained permission for it to be used on BlogfromItaly.com.

I don’t think Denyse has managed to make it to Italy, just yet – but I know from our conversations on Twitter that she admires Italy greatly from afar.  Denyse is @DenyseBridger on Twitter, for those who might like to follow her.

I do hope Denyse will be able to come here one day.  With a little luck, she will.

Note that this mini-quiz is purely for fun – there are no prizes or anything.

The answer will be given on Thursday – if nobody has managed to guess by then.

Happy guessing!

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