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Timeless Italian Streets

If you ever come to Italy, sooner or later you will come across quaint, narrow Italian alleyways and streets.  Some such streets are so narrow, down in Genoa for example, that you can literally stretch out your arms and touch both sides at the same time.

This week’s Images of Italy photography is of one such Italian alleyway, though it is not one of the almost claustrophobic Genovese alleys.  It’s not clear just where the image was captured, but this does not matter, as it captures the timelessness of these lovely thoroughfares very well.

Aside from being in black and white, which I like, there is also has a little extra which adds to the charm of this image.

A Timeless Italian Street

An Italian Street by Jackctk
A Timeless Italian Street by Jackctk

Although the photo was Taken by Jackctk in September 2009, it looks almost as though the shot came from 100 years ago.  There is very little to suggest that the image is that recent.  Indeed, I can only spot one object which gives the game away.

Where Was This Shot Taken?

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Have you any idea where this was taken?  If you have, answers on a comment.

Go Black and White for a Day!

Do yourself a favour when in Italy with your camera.  Select black and white mode for a day, and shoot away.  You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

With thanks to Jackctk for letting Blog from Italy use his image, which was created with a Nikon D70s.

You can see other examples of Jackctk’s work on Flickr:  Jackctk on Flickr

If you’d like to hang one of Jack’s images in your living room, or send one to a friend, then maybe you would like take a look at Jack’s shop: Jackco on RedBubble.com

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