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Eros Ramazzotti – Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole

This track Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole – An Angel Lying in the Sun – by Italian pop star Eros Ramazzotti is doing well in Italy’s charts at the moment.

Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole is the highest placed Italian song in MTV Italy’s current Hit List Italia.

Ramazzotti’s brand of pop ballads tend to to be popular in Italy and elsewhere with the star having sold 40 million records in his career. This Italian singer’s music also does well in other non-English speaking nations around Europe.  Most of Ramazzotti’s have been released in Italian and Spanish.

Have a listen to the Italian version:

Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole by Eros Ramazzotti

This is the Spanish version:

Un Ángel Como El Sol Tú Eres

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More Eros Ramazzotti music videos can be seen on the singers website: Eros Ramazzotti

Ramazzotti’s latest album is ‘Noi‘.

Eros Ramazzotti - Noi
Eros Ramazzotti – Noi – Amazon.com
Eros Ramazzotti - Noi
Eros Ramazzotti – Noi – Amazon.co.uk

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