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Top Italian Music Hit of 2009

Italian music blog ChartItalia which follows the contemporary Italian music scene, recently published a list of the top 100 hits in Italy for 2009.  So what, I asked myself, was the top Italian music hit of 2009?

Interestingly, for me anyway, it is not an Italian track which made it to the top of the top 100 for 2009, it was instead, those Black Eyed Peas people with their number ‘I gotta feeling’.

Were there any Italian tracks in the top 10 of the top 100 for 2009?  The answer is yes, there were, and the highest ranking track is significant in that it reflects an event in 2009 which touched the hearts of many Italians.  Indeed, ranked at number 4 is the track Domani 21.04.2009.

Quite a number of well-known Italian musicians got together to make Domani 21.04.2009 as a fund raiser in the aftermath of the Abruzzo earthquake.

Here is the track for you to listen to, and seeing as this is a karaoke version, you can either sing along, or, if you don’t feel up to singing, you can simply read the words and listen.  This may well help anyone out there who is learning Italian, even if not all the words are Italian.

Happy listening!  You will also find the names of rest of the top 10 tracks in Italy in 2009.

Domani 21.04.2009 – Karaoke Version


The Top 10 Hits of 2009 in Italy from Il Blog di ChartItalia

The numbers in brackets show the chart position and the week in 2009 in which the position was reached.

1. I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas (1 / 26)

2. This is the life – Amy MacDonald (1 / 26)

3. Poker face – Lady Gaga (1 / 52)

4. Domani 21.04.2009 – Artisti Uniti per l’Abruzzo (1 / 35)

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

5. Indietro – Tiziano Ferro (1 / 35)

6. Come foglie – Malika Ayane (1 / 35)

7. When love takes over – David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland (1 / 32

8. Sincerità – Arisa (1 / 19)

9. L’amore si odia – Noemi feat. Fiorella Mannoia (1 / 17)

10. Ti vorrei sollevare – Elisa con Giuliano Sangiorgi (1 / 12)

To see the rest of ChartItalia’s list, click on this link:  La Top 100 del 2009: i brani di maggior successo dell’anno – The Top 100 of 2009: the most successful tracks of the year.

I’m sure music fans will recognize plenty of international names.

Fascinating Hit Parade Italia

Italian readers who would like to know more about the music scene in Italy will find the information on ChartItalia’s ‘mother’ site, Hit Parade Italia quite fascinating, I imagine. And it’s not some site thrown together by a hormonally challenged Italian teenager, at least I don’t think it is.  No, it’s does appear to be genuine attempt to follow and record, if you’ll excuse the pun, which music is being listened to by Italians through the years.

If you are into this sort of thing, Hit Parade Italia will keep you occupied for hours on end!  Even if you are not a music fanatic, but you would like to get to know Italian music better, then the Hit Parade Italia site will help you unearth new and interesting stuff to listen to on YouTube.

Hey man, I dig ChartItalia. It’s well groovy. Yes, I know I’m getting a bit too close to the big five oh to be writing such words, but one has to try to sound hip and trendy every so often. Even if one fails miserably…

Hey, I can feel a mid-life crisis coming on.  Well, I did go and buy a guitar. Pass me my plectrum, man.

If you are an iTunes lover, why not see if you can track down the Italian music tracks listed here on iTunes.com?

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