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Short Post Two – Bombing Libya

Almost as confusing as the messages Italy’s government are sending out on the nuclear power issue are those regarding Berlusconi’s Arab friend, Colonel ‘bomb my own people to death’ Gaddafi.

Initial official reaction to troubles in Libya:

  • Italy does not want to be involved in helping the Libyan people.

Subsequent official reaction:

  • Italy will let other countries, including France, bomb Gaddafi’s forces.

Further official reaction:

  • Italy will let other countries use Italy as a base from which to bomb Gaddafi.

Following official reaction:

  • Italy will not bomb Gaddaffi’s forces, but will send Italian aircraft to carry out reconnaissance missions for coalition forces.

Latest official reaction:

  • Italy will take part in bombing Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.
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Future official reaction:

  • ??

Nothing like taking a consistent line, now is there? And the above was nothing like a consistent line!

Actually, the Berlusconi backed decision to drop bombs on ex-friend (!) of Italy Gaddafi appears to have opened a rift in the already rather fragile government. This rift may become a split on May 3rd when Italy’s parliament is to vote on the issue of bombing, or not, Libya with Italian planes and Italian bombs.

By the way, it’s the Lega Nord boys who are putting their feet down over the Libya bombing by Italian planes question.

The bombing of Libya is proving to be an explosive issue which may cause the Berlusconi government to make like a bomb and explode into lots of confusing pieces of shrapnel – otherwise known as political parties.

Watch this space for the next, confusing, instalment of the ‘shall we bomb Libya or not’ soap opera – which may come before, or after, the next official statement on whether, or not, Italy is to embrace the joys of nuclear power once more.

Who says Italy is a land without direction? They are wrong! It’s not that Italy is rudderless, it’s just that the tiller of the Italian ship sets Italy off in a new direction every five seconds or so.

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