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Ego Massaging Statistics

I stand confused. I’ve got Google Analytics running on this blog, and a system provided by Quantcast, but according to these systems, I don’t really get many visitors per month. These hardy types view around 4,500 pages. Nothing special at all.

I recently had a look at the Urchin 5 statistics system that comes with my Media Temple hosting service plan, and I saw over 88,000 page views for May alone this year! OK, so this includes my own visits and my other two domains, but even so, that is one heck of a difference. The average session length is around 6 minutes according to my hosting server stats too, which seems to be quite a long time for search engine bots and the like to be spending sniffing around this blog.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

The difference is weird, and I don’t know which numbers to really believe. I’d love to think that 88,000 was right, and it is an ego massaging figure, but I suspect that 4,500 is the more accurate representation of the actual number of pages that are read by real humans. Even so, I’m not sure how to explain the enormous difference.

If anyone out there can tell me why there is such a difference, then I’d love to know.

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Berlusconi: Marketing, the Plot, and Wikileaks

The Berlusconi phenomenon is an aspect of Italy which fascinates many, and not just those who live in this country. People wonder how Italy’s septuagenerian permanently tanned somewhat scandal ridden leader manages to continue to rule the roost in Italy. Just what is his secret?

This is something I’ve been ruminating over for some time, and, finally, I think I’ve understood how Italy’s controversial and charismatic leader bends Italy to his will. In very simple terms the answer lies in marketing. Only Silvio Berlusconi has gone one step further and has used his marketing prowess via his control of Italy’s media to create his own market. Who are the principal customers? Why, Italy’s electorate, who also happen to be those who watch Berlusconi controlled television channels.

Il Fatto Quotidiano – First Impressions

The first edition of Il Fatto Quotidiano, Italy’s newest daily, sold like hot cakes yesterday. All 150,000 copies had disappeared by about 7 or 8 am on the day of the newspaper’s official launch.

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As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, we spent some time during our summer hols in and


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Everyone else is doing it

So I’ve added the ability to subscribe to my scribblings via email if you like.  I guess its more a choice thing than anything else.