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Earthquake in the Ravenna Area of Italy

This morning at 6:08am, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred in the Ravenna area of Italy.  There are no reports of loss of life or injuries, but some masonry was dislodged from buildings.

The latest earthquake was felt in Rimini and Venice to the north.  The tremor was also felt in the Marche region and Abruzzo regions of Italy.

Ravenna is situated on the north eastern coast of Italy and is approximately 80 miles (130 kilometers) from the area to the north of Modena which had been hit buy an almost continual stream of earthquakes for the last two weeks or so.

Here is the location of Ravenna in Italy – use the + and – keys to zoom in and out:

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Based on information from the Italy’s INGV seismic activity monitoring body, yesterday, the frequency of the earthquakes and tremors in the Modena area of Italy fell considerably.  Last weekend, for example, tremors were occurring every 20 minutes or so, by yesterday, the period between one tremor and the next fell from minutes to hours and it looked as if the seismic activity in the region was starting to come to an end.

The latest earthquake in the Ravenna area suggests that the hub of seismic activity may be moving.  Press reports said the tremors were moving north, but today’s tremor, which happened to the south west of Modena indicates how uncertain predictions can be.

Sadly, the death toll from the Modena area earthquakes has now risen to 26.

More information, in Italian, on the Ravenna earthquake can be found here in the Ravenna edition of Il Resto di Carlino.

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