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Documentary on Italy – Shopping, Design, Luxury, and Quality

Christmas in Italy

The world wide web holds many hidden gems, such as this half-hour BBC 4 documentary which examines Italy’s small business mentality as well as Italy’s expertise in design and producing quality luxury goods.  Interviews with Diego Della Valle of Tods and Miuccia Prada provide plenty of insight into the ‘made in Italy’ concept.

There is also a trip around the shops of Bologna, an Italian city I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting, but, after watching this documentary, want to visit more than ever.

Italy is not a country, unlike the UK and Germany, which has become “scarred by bland high streets”, at least not so far.  Shopping in Italy is an experience and the variety of shops, often with superb window displays, enhances the experience.  This is something I noticed when I first came to Italy many years ago.  Back in the UK, high streets had become utterly soulless.  Wherever one goes in the UK there are the same old high street names.  It does not matter whether you are in London, Oxford, Newcastle or Manchester – same old, same old everywhere. Luckily, this is not the case in Italy, making a visit to each and every city an unique experience.  However, even Italy’s town centres are under threat from out of town shopping malls.

Italy is a par excellence destination for well-heeled shoppers, even if the country is not wholly aware of this asset, with most of the promotion of Italy, oddly, directly at Italy’s own residents. This is a huge mistake on Italy’s part, and recent events are tending towards cheapening Italy’s image in the eyes of the world, when it really should be working towards setting itself apart.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Take a look at the video, as it will help you understand Italy a little more.  You’d better be quick, because I have a sneaking suspicion, in view of the quality of this documentary, that this video will disappear from the web.

Counterculture – Italy Documentary


Now, when are you coming to Italy to do a little Christmas shopping?

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