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Help The Doctor’s Daughter Save an Arts Center

Would you like the help the Doctor's Daughter?

The Doctor’s Daughter, La Figlia del Dottore, is an Italian band which is attempting to raise money to help save Turin’s Atelier Teatro Fisico arts center.

The Atelier Teatro Fisico needs money to refurbish its accommodation so the arts center can continue its work. It will cost between €45.000-€50.000 ($59,000-65,000,00 dollars) to carry out the works, money which the cultural association behind the theater simply does not have.

For the last 20 years, the Atelier Teatro Fisico has been a center of creativity and education in Turin where young artists can develop their skills through encounters with qualified teachers and professionals. The Atelier Teatro Fisico are well known in the Italian region of Piedmont and has contributed to the rebirth of Turin as a cultural and artistic center. To continue its work of two decades, it needs help.

Enter the band La Figlia del Dottore, The Doctor’s Daughter, which has released a rocky little single – Ti prenderò per mano – I’ll take you by the hand – proceeds from sales of the single will go towards funding the Atelier Teatro Fisico refurbishment works. Sounds like a good cause to me.

Here’s the single:

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You can find out more about the Atelier Teatro Fisico and it’s refurb project here: Atelier Teatro Fisico

If you’d like to help out, here is a link where you can buy the single, Ti prenderò per mano:

Would you like the help the Doctor's Daughter?
Would you like the help the Doctor’s Daughter?

Alternatively, you can donate directly via IndieGoGo: SOS Atelier (€18,143 of €45,000 target raised so far)


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