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Coming Soon to Milan and Palermo – Cyclopride Day 2014

Cyclopride, an Italian association working to promote the joys of cycling in Italy, has organized two CycloPride Day cycle rides on May 11, 2014. One takes place in Milan, which is where I live, and the other is in Palermo in sunny Sicily.

The Milan CycloPride Day involves a 16 kilometre (just under 10 miles) cycle ride around the centre of the city starting from Piazza Castello. While the main ride starts at 11am, the get-together begins at 9am with all those taking part picking up their event bibs and bike bags. Don’t worry, it’s not a cycle race!

A shorter ride for children and those who don’t feel up to cycling 16 kms kicks off at midday.

From 1pm, by which time most people should have finished, there’ll be music and other entertainment.

Cyclopride Day 2014

Here’s a video of last year’s very sunny CycloPride day in Milan:

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Setting off from Foro Italico, the Palermo CycloPride Day will be similar, except it’s 20 kolometres long (around 12.5 miles)  – same date, but the ride for everyone will begin at 10:30am and the post-ride entertainment will be from 4pm onwards. 1pm in Milan, but 4pm in Palermo?! Well, things do move a little more slowly in Italy’s south!

Sign Up to Cycle

Anyone who wants to take part in either the Milan or the Palermo Cyclopride rides should register on the Cyclopride website.

Where it says “numero di partecipanti” enter the number of people who will be taking part – not forgetting yourself.

You can register here:

If you scroll down the Milan or Palermo CycloPride Day web pages far enough, you’ll find maps of the route.

I shall take part in the Milan CycloPride Day and will try to persuade my son and some of his friends to come along too.

Using the hashtag #cyclopride you can follow the ride on Twitter.

If you make it to the Milan ride, see you there!

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