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Colourful Chaos, Palermo, Italy

This week’s Images of Italy photo features something you see everywhere here.

For me, clothes dangling from washing lines on apartment blocks is just so very Italian that it has to form part of any series of images which is trying to capture the mood and character of Italy.  It is great example of colourful chaos which so epitomises Italy, especially the south of the country.  Indeed, this photo was taken down in Palermo, Sicily, only last year.

That the backdrop is a dilapidated looking building with cables and pipes strewn everywhere is also very Italian.

And just to add to the general confusion, someone thought to add a red painted drainpipe.  No attempt has been made to beautify the building, as is often the case the further south you venture in the Living Museum.

What is charming for visitors to Italy is often mundane to this country’s inhabitants.

Clothes Tree

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Image by Pinx303.

Clothes Hanging out to dry, Palermo, Italy, November 2008
Clothes Hanging out to dry, Palermo, Italy, November 2008

You can see more of Pinx303‘s images of Italy and elsewhere over on Flickr: Pinx303

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Image copyright holder – Pinx303

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