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Pigeons with flu

Well, this bird flu thing has got to Turkey, which not too far from sunny Italy. It appears that the people who caught this severe

Batteries of batteries

Almost everything I use these days runs on a battery. They are everywhere. Big ones, little ones, minute ones, light ones, heavy ones, new ones

Nothing ever changes

While in the UK I picked up a book lying around my parents house. It was a book called 'The Guinness book of Flying Blunders'

How could it happen?

It’s boiling hot here. Putting on a suit for work is a torture. The simple act of putting up three shelves caused yours truly to

The new king of the Catholics

At the risk of being excommunicated or some such thing, I have noted that the knew addition to the Vatican throne does not share the

Guinness is good for you

Guinness may well be OK for you, as claimed in one of their old ads. Why do I say this? Well, last weekend I went

The View from Bologna

In my quest for blogs in a similar vein to my own little blog, I signed up with Blogwise and came across ‘The View from