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Email is fantastic, of that I have no doubt.  Alas, though, its users are not always fantastic. It is said that the best things in

Microsoft’s steathy update

Last night I switched off my computer, only I would not switch off.  At the XP shutting down screen a message told me that four

Windows Vista

Some time ago I posted this about the then new Windows Vista operating system.   So this article made me chuckle.   Sometimes, you’ve got to trust

A winning streak

According to many nice men with African sounding names who represent various well know companies and lotteries, I have several million pounds coming my way.

Late night

I got to bed a 2am last night.  Good party?  What party?  I was moving my main website – Englishisin.com over to a new server

Moodling 2

I have now got Moodle running on my PC locally after installing it using a very useful Joomla standalone server set-up called JSAS.  Although I

Bouncy wi-fi connection? Try this.

UPDATE: 1st June 2007 I’m still having bouncy wi-fi problems, despite running the WinsockXPFi app once more. I seem to have cured my bouncy wi-fi

Electric cars

I’ve just been reading about electric vehicles, which just might be a way of cooling down global warming before hydrogen powered vehicles finally come on