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Berlusconi and Bossi Cook Up Surprise

After the drubbing Silvio Berlusconi and Northern League party coalition party partner Umberto Bossi received in the results of the recently held first round of local elections in Milan, Italy’s two political bigs are cooking up some way of regaining lost ground and trying to avoid losing control of their stronghold.

The aim of this political game is the save the face of Berlusconi and his centre right party. If traditionally right leaning Milan does not vote Letizia Moratti in for a second term of office as Milan’s mayor, and goes for centre-left candidate Pisapia who won the first round of the elections for mayor convincingly, then faith in Silvio Berlusconi, which is already at a low level, will reach rock bottom.

Something needs to be done by Italy’s right, which is looking so incoherent that it makes Italy’s similarly incoherent left seem united.

What kind of a big surprise are the Bossi/Berlusconi duo cooking up?

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Will there be an attempt to launch a large dollop of mud at Pisapia, or will Berlusconi and Bossi propose reducing taxes for Milan’s citizens to zero? Or will the surprise merely be a hollow promise? Who knows.

The ‘surprise’ will be revealed next week.

Will Italians be waiting with baited breath? Probably not, but they will be curious.

That the run up to the second round of Milan’s elections would contain a few surprises was inevitable. But the fact remains that Berlusconi candidate, the polite, but distant, Letizia Moratti, is not convincing and persuading Milan’s population to go for her a mayor once more is going to require something very surprising indeed. And most of Milan’s population know full well that Moratti receives her orders from someone at the very top of Italy’s wobbly political tree.

The Berlusconi and Bossi surprise will be reported on Italy Chronicles once it becomes known, and if it is actually surprising!

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