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Atmospheric Milan

This week’s Images of Italy picture is a lovely atmospheric shot of the city in which I live – Milan.

While Milan may not be the most beautiful of Italian cities, it does have plenty to offer a keen photographer, and can boast such spectacular sites as the breathtaking, at least the first time you see it, Duomo.  Then there is Milan’s castle which is more than a little photogenic, and there are plenty of photogenic tidbits to be found throughout the city.  Only, unlike many other Italian cities, you have to either know where to look, or be prepared to go on a sort of voyage of discovery.

To explore Milan’s more central areas, which are the most interesting, walking is good. However, much more ground can be covered by bike, as long as you keep your wits about you and try not to worry too much about the traffic.  Actually, the traffic in Milan is no worse than London’s, and extremely orderly when compared to the anarchistic drivers of Naples, for example.

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Anyway, on to this week’s photo from the curiously named keepwaddling1 on Flickr.

Milan by keepwaddling1

Via Vittor Pisani, leading from Milano Centrale train station towards the centre of this northern Italian city.

Milan, Italy
Photograph of Milan, Italy

Aside from being a beautifully composed shot which really draws you into it, the mist is a characteristic of Milan.  I do like this image.  Yes, the buildings are all modern, but then this fits well with Milan’s progressive image, and the mist certainly qualifies it as an image of Italy as far as I am concerned.

You will find more of keepwadding1’s work on Flickr here:  keepwadding1, and he’s got lots of other interesting pictures of Italy to browse through too.  His views of Rome are lovely, but he appears to have toured extensively in Italy, so I would encourage you to have a good look through his images.  They might give you a few ideas if you are planning a trip here in the spring or summer this year, or whenever you can make it.

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