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Are Italy’s Politicians Acting Responsibly?

After Mario Monti took over from the foundering Silvio Berlusconi, the markets gave Italy a reprieve.  Servicing Italy’s debt mountain became easier.

Mario Monti promised much needed reforms for Italy and has been trying to deliver, only Italy’s traditional politicians who are largely responsible for allowing Italy to slide into the dreadful state in which it finds itself today, are still playing their silly little power games.  As a consequence, Monti’s reforms have virtually stalled.

Italy’s political parties thought the storm which brought down Berlusconi had blown over.  They believed they could resort to their usual tricks.  The mainstream politicians think the time has come to kick Mario Monti out so they can take over the running of Italy once more.  Only if they do, Italy will end up in a serious mess.

By obstructing Mario Monti’s reforms, Italy’s political parties are showing what many already knew – that they are wholly incapable of running Italy.  In actual fact, they are proving that they are dangerous, not only for the health of Italy, but also for the health of the whole of Europe.  The markets have got wind of what has happened and what occurred towards the end of Berlusconi’s reign is happening once more.  In simple terms, the markets do not believe Mario Monti can do what needs to be done.  Storm clouds are gathering once more.

The possibility of Italy defaulting on its debt has raised its ugly head once more, only bailing out Italy may be too expensive for Europe and could be the final straw which breaks the Euro’s back.  If Italy ends up in the same state as Greece or Spain, the blowback could affect the economy of the whole world.

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US President Obama recently fired warning shots over Europe’s bows.  Italy, even if the nation does not seem to realize it sometimes, is part of Europe.  The head of the IMF says Europe has less than three months to get its act together.  Big guns are going off, yet Italy’s politicians continue to ignore the big picture.  Mario Monti is working to save Italy and help keep the Eurozone afloat, but he is receiving very little assistance from home.

Today in Italy’s parliament, three confidence votes on anti-corruption reforms are to be held.  While these votes are not actual confidence votes – they are used as a device in Italy’s parliament to accelerate the passing of legislation – there is a possibility that the Monti government could collapse.

Italy’s mainstream political parties may feel the time is right to kick Mario Monti’s technocrat government out.  Monti must have got wind of this possibility too, for he summoned his coalition partners, led by Angelino Alfano, Pier Luigi Bersani and Pier Ferdinando Casini, and gave them a little talking to.  Whether the three honorable political bigwigs actually bothered listening to Monti will be revealed once the results of the confidence votes are known.

Mario Monti knows Italy has enormous potential, many others do too, including this Italy watcher, but Italy’s mainstream politicians appear to be determined to ensure Italy never, ever realizes its potential.  Are Italy’s politicians acting responsibly?  You tell me.

If you think not, read this.

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