Corruption Situation in Italy Worsens

Italy has slipped three places in the Transparency International 2012 Global Corruption Perception index and is now in 72nd place.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.  Italy, it seems, is perceived as being very corrupt.  Indeed, Italy’s public sector is perceived as being the most corrupt major economy in Europe.

While measures are being taken to counter corruption in Italy, not enough is being done and the technocrat goivernment of Mario Monti has not been able to go as far as it would have liked owing to obstruction from elected parliamentarians.

Here is an infographic which summarizes the 2012 Global Corruption Perception index information regarding Italy:

Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 - Italy

Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 – Italy

Another effect of 20 years of Silvio Berlusconi?

Regardless of the cause, the ills need to be cured, or else Italy stands little hope of attracting foreign direct investment.  With no investment, no jobs will be created and the battered Italian economy may never recover.

It should also be borne in mind that the winner of centre-left primaries Pier Luigi Bersani forms part of a political party with a dreadful track record in the field of combating corruption.  Expect Italy to slip even further in Transparency International’s corruption perceptions ranking if Italy’s centre-left win elections in Italy next year.  Bersani is a puppet.

If, however, the remnants of the Berlusconi right manage to grab power in Italy, the nation’s corruption perception will hit three figures sooner rather than later.

Many of Italy’s left and right wing politicians give the impression by not speaking out against the issue that they consider corruption is more or less acceptable in Italy.  As long as this thinking persists, investors will place their money elsewhere.

Maybe reforms designed to keep convicted criminals out of Italy’s parliament will help solve the problem.  Well they could, if such reforms were not being obstructed by Italy’s politicians.

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  1. Paul London says

    Interesting – I’d be interested in more on why you think the PD is so bad on corruption and will only make things worse – apologies if you’ve already covered this – feel free to point me at another story.

    Also, interesting that you describe Bersani as a puppet? I’d be interested in why, and whose puppet he might be.

    • says

      Hi Paul,

      PD is as corrupt as all the rest. If your Italian is up to it (the interesting info has been kept off the English version), check out the Wikipedia profiles for main PD people – where you’ll come across one Massimo D’Alema – the puppet-master who runs Bersani. D’Alema could have taken Berlusconi out sooner, but did not. Check out Piero Fassino too.

      The main reason why Berlusconi rose to power is that the PD was/is useless.



  2. OK MORANDO SERGIO Crocefieschi Genova Malpotremo Lesegno Italia Argentina San Morando says

    Italy la corruzione, belin lo sperpero di DENARO PUBBLICO fatto da ben noti POLITICI ITALIANI di altrettanto noti PARTITI ITALIANI che sono presenti anche in più ambienti d’Europa..sono in VIOLAZIONI DI LEGGE SEMPRE PRESENTI ! Ed operanti ! Raggirando da sempre ed ancora ad oggi la LEGGE ! E NON solo in ambienti politici il male NON onestà è presente in tutta Italia anche in PUBBLICI UFFICI , ENTI PUBBLICI e COMUNI sia grandi, medio che piccoli sia al sud Italia che al NORD ITALIA in particolare nelle tre Regioni di Liguria, Piemonte, Lombardia dove NON sono pochi gli intrecci .. basta dare un occhiata su: dove c’è in Italia un appalto vi sono presenti più illeciti.. le gare d’appalto NON vengono neppure molte volte fatte a livello Europeo ..così ad esempio si danno piscine pubbliche comunali..impianti sportivi ecc. ecc.alle solite cooperative e società sportive dai TANTI noni ma di fatto sempre con le solite facce..che si aggiudicano gli appalti con compiacenze di pubblici uffici..Anche i Comuni del nord Italia non sono esenti da questo pessimo fare..Inoltre le mazzette, peculato, raggiri vari e violazioni sulle sicurezze costruttive e sul lavoro 81/2008 sono in Italia sempre purtroppo continuate compreso l’abusivismo autorizzato ! Così scuole, piscine, palestre ecc.. sono fuori norma già in fase costruttive e continuate “quando” costruite.. NON tutte le scuole e piscine pubbliche Comunali hanno la certificazione antisismica.. ecc. ecc. dove nelle piscine Comunali inoltre vi è personale lavorante al nero ! SENZA corsi di legge sulle sicurezze 81/2008 e che fa nelle piscine pubbliche il secondo lavoro proveniente da altri impieghi pubblici come maestri e maestre , professori..di scuola ecc. che NON hanno oltre a visite mediche psico fisiche fatte per insegnare ..e corsi non fatti 81/2008 molte volte neppure i corsi a livello Europeo di legge per potere insegnare il nuoto o le altre varie discipline acquatiche mazzette è corruzione danno gli appalti..agli stessi! Un Italia da vera continuata VERGOGNA fatta con volere dei soliti politici e continuata con i tecnici politici un disastro EPOCALE ! Non risolto in quanto la disoccupazione continua in Italia ad aumentare e prima o poi la corda già molto in tiro.. si strapperà.. con conseguenze imprevedibili con ripercussioni in Europa e nel mondo intero ! In Italia sia i politici che i tecnici politici hanno FALLITO ! Violando ambedue la Costituzione Italiana in più Articoli e violandone ancora ad oggi gli Articoli della Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell’Uomo ! Portando l’Italia allo sfascio ! Se c’è disoccupazione e solo contratti precari gli stessi politici TUTTI di qualsiasi colore e schieramento saranno messi PRECARI pertanto instabilità continuata di GOVERNO !Con tutti i relativi pericoli di conseguenza!

  3. Marco Mariani says

    It’s time for you to go back to your wonderful Country Alex, where everything (according to your opinion) is perfect.
    You (still) have your Queen waiting for you, with her Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Royal babies, the ridiculous UKIP “hate club” (WOW what a conquest!), the Tories and their hatred…
    Just think about what you’re missing! You’re wasting your precious time here.
    Ah, and there’s Mr. Cameron who almost lost Scotland a couple of months ago.
    How can you live without him?
    Please, I beg you, leave us alone.
    We were here long before the Roman Empire: we don’t need your “help” (as you define what you do).
    I used to love the UK before reading your posts. You woke me up.
    Now, sadly, I agree with those who define the present (I can’t underline “present” here, just imagine it!) UK and Switzerland as a cancer of Europe.
    Go back to London and please stay there.
    I’ll stay here, in Tuscany thinking about how lucky you are, while thanking God to be so terribly
    unlucky to have been born Italian.
    Please go, be kind. And take your hate with you.

    Please do not reply this message. I have activated a filter to trash your mail.

    • says

      Although Marco does not want me to reply, I’m going to anyway.

      First of all, Marco did not notice that this post was written in 2012. Second, the information is not my personal opinion, it’s via Transparency International. I merely pointed out why Italy might suffer from such a high level of corruption.

      Thirdly, Marco is probably one of the reasons why Italy never really acts to clamp down on its corruption issue – maybe because he’s benefitted from it?

      The UKIP? Relatively new, whereas Italy’s Lega Nord lot are not. Seems Marco is unaware of this too.

      And, Marco has not read much else on Italy Chronicles or else he would have understood that I do like Italy a lot. Posts like these are a kind of ‘Hey, Italy, you deserve better’ statements.

      Finally, quite a few Italians are leaving Italy for the UK and some Italians have questioned just why I bother staying in troubled Italy. Actually, I’m starting to wonder myself. People like Marco make me wonder just a little more.

      Anyway, at least Marco had the guts to use what looks like his real name.

      Alex of Italy Chronicles

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